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Budget Databases is closely associated with...

Various database applications and Information Technology texts:

  • Minute Keeper - for managing the agenda and minutes of meeting.
  • For Personal Belongings - for managing household item, media items, software, vehicles and such.
  • Bookwork - for planning a novel to script.
  • Creating an Orderform Application - freeware text teaching the development of a standard 'Orders' database in Microsoft Access.
  • Functional Database Design - text describing an approach to the development of database screens and reports.

visit - www.majorsoftware.com.au


Budget Databases is a member of the OST Database Group, which collectively provide:

  • A range of database products.
  • New custom databases based on existing products and/or templates.
  • Specialised custom database systems.
  • Support with developing updates for existing database systems.
  • Development of prototypes for larger or more intricate systems.
  • Web-based database systems.
  • Project Management and Systems Analysis support.

visit - www.ostdatabasegroup.com.au


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