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Gives you control of your business marketing

Focus assists businesses monitor and maintain the most effective and profitable means of marketing. The focus base product addresses the following 4 keys areas of marketing:

  • Advertising, eg: directories, magazines and newspapers, radio and TV…
  • Direct, eg: mailouts, phone calls, introductory emails and letters…
  • Network, eg: joining and making the most of business networking groups…
  • Leverage, eg: newsletters, email offers, courtesy calls, surveys…

* Customisation is available to enhance the product’s suitability for your specific marketing requirements.


Once a list of clients has been selected against a marketing campaign For Customer Connection - Focus provides facilities to assist with:

  • Email Newsletters - standard emails can be managed, and electronic newsletter distribution can be automated.
  • Mail Merge – mail merge lists can be created and linked to template documents for printing and mailing.
  • Phone Call Lists – phone call lists can be generated allowing you to manage phone calls to prospects and existing clients.

For Customer Connection - Focus may be able to be customised so that it can:

  • Be linked to an existing business management package such as For Business Management - Workflow Essentials.
  • Be linked to a web based newsletter engine as possibly provided for within a Content Management System web site.
  • Provide extended CRM capabilities including client file notes, appointment scheduling, and todo lists.

Other facilities for the management of assets, staff, events, surveys, meetings…

Components Include
  • Prospects and Clients
  • Network Event
  • Prospect Campaign
  • Leverage Campaign
  • Ads & Directories
  • Marketing Packs
  • Suppliers
  • Reminders
  • Login Facility
System Requirements

System Requirements: This application was designed for use with Microsoft® Access 97 or later. In order to run this application, you may need:

  • A Pentium PC or better (with mouse),
  • 16MB of RAM or higher (depending on your version of Microsoft® Access),
  • SuperVGA monitor running at 800 x 600 pixel resolution, 16 colours or better, and…
  • Approximately 20MBytes of free hard drive space (not including the space required for the Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access).

You need to:

  • Be running Microsoft® Windows 95 or later,
  • Have a copy of Microsoft® Access currently loaded on the computer, or...

NOTE: If you do not have a copy of Microsoft® Access 97 or later, a ‘stand-alone’ version of this product can be purchased from Budget Databases.

Contact Budget Databases to discuss your requirements and to receive an obligation-free cost estimate for your needs.


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