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Workflow Essentials
Control Your Business Information ...

Using the For Business Management - Workflow Essentials as a base product*, Budget Databases assists businesses manage the key functions and processes within these 5 Portals of Business:

  • Resources - Assets, Employees, Stock...
  • Marketing - Advertising, Leads, Sales...
  • Operations - Jobs, Sales, Production, Systems...
  • Admin - Sales, Purchases, Payroll Tracking...

* Customisation is available to enhance the product's suitability for your specific Workflow and information requirements.

Out of the Box

The ‘Out of the Box’ standard version of the For Business Management Workflow Essentials contains components and relevant reporting for:

  • Clients and marketing – Prospects and client details, marketing sources and associated reporting.
  • Client Quotes, jobs and orders – Prepare client quotes, track client jobs, and manage orders and payments.
  • Supplier and purchases – Manage supplier orders and out going payments.
  • Employees – Manage staff and subcontractor details.
  • Products – Manage stock levels and product details.

For Business management – Workflow Essentials system allows it to be customised so that it can:

  • Be linked to an Accounting package such as MYOB or Quickbooks.
  • Be linked to a web based newsletter engine as possibly provided for within a content Management System web site.
  • Provide extended CRM capabilities including client file notes, appointment scheduling, and todo lists.
  • Provide advanced job management including employee timesheets, and extended project management.
  • Other facilities for the management of resources, events surveys, meetings…
Components Include
  • Customer Details
  • Customer Quotes
  • Customer Orders / Sales
  • Customer Payments
  • Products
  • Parts
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Purchases
  • Supplier Payments
  • Employees and Payroll
System Requirements

System Requirements: This application was designed for use with Microsoft® Access 97 or later. In order to run this application, you may need:

  • A Pentium PC or better (with mouse),
  • 16MB of RAM or higher (depending on your version of Microsoft® Access),
  • SuperVGA monitor running at 800 x 600 pixel resolution, 16 colours or better, and…
  • Approximately 20MBytes of free hard drive space (not including the space required for the Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Access).

You need to:

  • Be running Microsoft® Windows 95 or later,
  • Have a copy of Microsoft® Access currently loaded on the computer, or...

NOTE: If you do not have a copy of Microsoft® Access 97 or later, a ‘stand-alone’ version of this product can be purchased from Budget Databases.

Contact Budget Databases to discuss your requirements and to receive an obligation-free cost estimate for the right solution for you.


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