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In relation to Budget Databases, the following are important to us:

  • Clients are approached with due consideration and respect at all times. (For instance client needs are to be met in a timely manner, showing due respect for their time)

  • Client data is handled with due care and respect at all times.

  • Staff, consultants, subcontractors, partners (and such like) also receive due consideration and respect at all times.

  • Third party intellectual property (eg: from client, consultant, subcontractor, partner, any 3rd party source, text, product purchase, or otherwise) is to be managed with due care and respect at all times.

  • All intellectual property is to be managed / handled with integrity via clearly defined policies and procedures.

  • Product requirements are well researched and/or identified.

  • Product requirements are well analysed.

  • Products have good functional database design and appropriate relational design.

  • Products are straightforward in their design and coding and have good accessibility for developers - good user and technical documentation (including internal documentation), good consistency in naming conventions, coding style, presentation, etc, optimal consistency and modularization, and appropriate error management.

  • Final products are delivered in a timely manner, as far is practicable - bug-free.

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