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Budget Databases

Vision Statement - Jan 2006

Budget Databases will be a predominant provider of cost-effective database software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium offices and business.

Whilst increasing its profile, Budget Databases will become well known for its professional, genuine quality service that is provided with integrity at an affordable price.

Budget Databases will aim to improve client relationships through friendly professional and timely service, allowing clients to feel that their Budget Databases representative is a vital part of their business support system.

The Budget Databases team will become a diverse group that work together in providing the best outcome. Together, the team will create a vibrant and positive work environment where production and performance will flourish.

Our Product:

Budget Databases’ primary product is business systems support provided in the form of budget priced, custom-designed, computer applications. Budget Databases’ product - business systems support - aims to improve its client's performance and productivity and in so doing, relieve possible sources of time wastage and stress.

Our aim is to have our clients make comments about us such as:

"Budget Databases provided a genuine quality service - we would trust them with our software development needs.""Budget Database made our office/business processes so much easier.""Budget Databases developed an excellent software solution based on their templates at an affordable price."Budget Databases completed some excellent research relating to our requirements."

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