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How we approach your Project
  A representative of Budget Databases will meet with you and determine the nature of your development needs. You may wish for us to check for and review existing products that might match your needs.
After analysing your needs and checking existing products we will create a brief summary outlining our understanding of your development needs, your options and a recommended solution.
If you need a database developed, we will meet and discuss the specifics of the data entry forms required. An agreement regarding anticipated hours and cost will be presented.
Database development will commence and an associated design document will be created. The development will primarily focus on building the database tables and data entry screens.
On completion of Stage 1 development, a copy of the draft design document and the database will be presented to you. We will require you to test the data entry screens by entering in a small number of hypothetical data items (test data). This step will allow you to check that the data entry forms are what you require, and to provide us with some ‘live’ data for testing the reports. Some training may be required at this time. We usually allow about 1-2 weeks for this data entry, including time for us to make any changes to the data entry forms. There may be brief meetings or contact throughout this phase as requests and updates are made.
In this meeting we will focus on the database reports and documentation (user manual etc). Existing paper forms or reports, or rough sketches of suggested reports would expedite development. We need to identify the purpose of each report, the data to be sent to it and any popup forms that will help you to filter out the data required on the various reports.
The final product would be developed, tested and delivered to you. The database would be installed and training provided as required.
In the weeks following delivery, you may have need to contact us for support or to make minor modifications / fixes to the product.

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