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Why Budget Databases?

We decided to call our business Budget Databases because that is what we wanted to offer.

Our thoughts on putting Budget into our service

We have spent a fair deal of time and money identifying what we can offer and what you might expect from Budget Databases We know that it is important for both of us over the long term that we:

  • take the time to understand what you are looking to solve in your business,
  • take the time to understand what you are going to need in a database system,
  • give you the opportunity to sit and test run at least one prototype of your system during the development period - so as to allow you to clarify your requirements,
  • on delivery of the near-final draft, give you the opportunity to run the software in your business and for us to make minor adjustments in accordance with your needs,
  • produce for you a quality product that works for you,
  • we can be there for you in the future to provide timely and cost-effective updates to your system as you require them, and that we…
  • work with you to keep the price down, but that you don’t feel over the course of time that we did a cheap and nasty job.

Templates, Pre-defined Components and Products

We have been building systems for some time from templates and standard pre-defined components and this has helped us to provide a budget custom-development service. We have also been working on developing a range of products that we expect will further improve our potential to offer a budget service. We understand and we exist because standard pre-built systems do not suit all businesses. We anticipate that starting your project with a custom product, and applying our customisation service to this product that we can reduce the development time and therefore the overall cost.

So what might a Budget Databases Database cost?

We are asked by many clients for a rough starting price for a database. Our best answer to this question might be:

  • it depends on what you need,
  • we can probably produce a very simple basic database system for under a $1000, but such a system might not benefit your business a great deal,
  • we have produced small and quite focused database systems for the $1000-2000 price range,
  • many of our systems are around the $2000-$8000 price range,
  • more complex systems range from $8000 and up.
  • it depends on what you need.

* please note the above mentioned prices are estimates only

You can help us help you with ‘Budget’

There are number of things you can do to help us keep the price of your database solution down:

  • Work with us before we commence development to really understand your needs.
  • Work with us to visualise how a database system would benefit you:
  • how it would work in your business,
  • what data would need to be entered,
  • how you and your staff would interact with it,
  • identify what question you would want answered by the data in your database,
  • identify what information you would want produced,
  • identify what automation you may require - how might the program make your work flow quicker and easier.
  • Work with us during the development to review what we have done and provide for us clear, detailed and timely feedback on ALL aspects of what we have done - so we can make adjustments and tweaks in a timely manner.

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